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The Paddle Guru - Choosing a Length and Angle

Choosing the paddle length and angle to find out what is best for you.

Braca – Sport makes a paddle to fit every paddler, but sometimes deciding on
which paddle is the most suitable for you can be confusing.

Our 40 years’ experience with paddles will help you to find the right size, length
and angle that is best suited to your needs.

Bracsa paddles come in fixed length shafts, or in adjustable by 5 cm in total .

Please select the following factors when selecting
the length and the model of your paddle :

  • Type of craft
  • Type of paddler (racing ,touring, fitness )
  • Your fitness (Average , fit , very fit)
  • Your height
  • Measurement between 90 degrees bend LH elbow to RH elbow, measured behind your back across a straight line.


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