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What is Paracanoe?

Paracanoe incorporates both the canoe and kayak disciplines, and shares many similarities with the sport in general. At the grass roots level the craft and paddles can be the same, however modifications can be utilised where necessary to enhance each person’s ability to participate. At the recreational level there are options of single craft and doubles craft, however singles craft are currently the only option in Internationalcompetition.

The aim of paracanoe is to propel a boat across the water to the best of your ability and at a competitivelevel this would be as quickly as possible.

For those who dream of reaching the pinnacles of sport and competing at the Paralympics,
paracanoe is a sport that involves technique,
strength and speed. Top athletes in the world
work hard to perfect their technique, requiring
control and co-ordination, and display a high level
of power to weight ratio and speed.Whether you participate for pure enjoyment, the thrill of a challenge or you have ambitions of becoming a
Paralympic champion, paracanoe may well be the sport for you!.


Participation Opportunities and Pathways

Opportunities to participate in the sport of paracanoe are currently being developed in all states and territories. Not only does paracanoe
present an opportunity for elite athletes to pursue their dreams through international competitions such as the Paralympics, it also caters to the social participant who wants nothing more than to
participate in sport and socialise with their peers.Essentially, the pathways being developed in para-canoe provide something for all types of participants,
so please do not hesitate to contact us to find out how you can get involved!


Who is Eligible to Participate in Paracanoe?

Paracanoe is a skilful, fast and exciting sport that supports
participants to train and compete. Whilst people of all abilitiescan participate, participants are required to be seated in an unstable craft duringcompetition.
At the grass roots level paracanoe is a fantastic sporting opportunity that is suitable to people displaying a range of abilities.However, to take advantage of the pathways available in the sport and compete at an international level,
athletes must have some form of physical impairment which causes limitation of a limb/s to meet either
the leg, trunk and arms, trunk and arms or arms only classifications.


Australian Canoeing

Australian Canoeing (AC) is the NationalOrganisation responsible for the management, coordination, development and promotion of paddle sports inAustralia.

AC is committed to the provision of a high standard of competition, safety and opportunities for participation in paddle sports in Australia. AC aims to provide all members with fair competition, access to high standard facilities and equity in participation at all levels.

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