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Maintenance of your Bracsa Paddle

The Bracsa paddle is made out of the highest quality materials
It is the most used  paddle on the World  by Olympic and World Champions  and also by Recreational paddlers.
With proper care the paddle should last for long time  and just spending a minute after each use, it will shine it’s glory for years to come.

Maintenance :

If the kayak paddle with adjustable shaft length are used in fresh water, the adjuster must be disassembled and cleaned out with fresh water twice a week.
If it is used in saltwater  conditions the adjuster  must be disassembled and cleaned  after EACH USE  !!!!!! Also we will recommend to spray  each  month with a  INOX or something similar   lubricant on the spigot and inside the clamp adjuster.
Failure to do so may cause irreparable damage to the adjuster.

Care :

Do not store your paddle out of direct sunlight, preferably in a cover and in a cool place. Avoid leaving your paddle in a hot car over summer. Avoid where it’s possible dragging the back of your blade along sharpe objects such as rocks and concrete pontoons.

Transport :

Transport kayak and canoe paddles only in specially protected covers. It is advisable to carry  them as a hand luggage.


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