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Welcome To Canoe Innovations P/L – a leading innovator in sport.

Canoe Innovations are a highly experienced manufacturer and supplier of quality canoes, kayaks and paddles to suit any high performance needs. With 43years’ experience in the industry, we offer expert knowledge and a strong commitment to our level of service, support and quality we deliver to our valued customers. Read More

Specialising in high quality and performance kayak paddles, Canoe Innovations supply the biggest range of

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the no. 1 choice for Olympic and world champions; BRACSA paddles. The Braca paddle is the most widely used ‘tear drop’ blade paddle in the world and we supply models and sizes to suit every paddling category. Read More

Canoe Innovations are also a leading manufacturer of Olympic class racing and touring kayaks as

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well as supplying a wide range of accessories for sprint, marathon, ocean paddling and sea kayaking. Read More

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